We are sometimes asked about advice regarding visit the USA to play music. The first step is get the appropriate visa which will be one of the following. We have included links with each visa that takes you to the relevant US government page which gives more information about what the visa covers, and the costs of application, etc. There is also a lot of information available at the US Embassy site.

01 Visa

This classification for those who possesses extraordinary ability. To obtain that classification, the employer must file a petition (with the USA authorities) giving evidence of that ability. A written advisory opinion is required from an organisation or qualified person must accompany every 01 visa application. ** The BBMA could help with this**


P1-B Visa

This covers Bands as opposed to individuals. (Bands have to have international recognition).


P2 Visa

This works under a reciprocal exchange programme


P3 Visa

This is for a programme that is culturally unique (and is unlikely to apply to our members as they are generally taking US culture back to its roots!)


B1 Visa

This is easier to apply for, but musicians can only operate for expenses, and are not allowed to earn money.


Once the Visa is approved, musicians must visit USA embassy to complete process.