Moniaive Summer Workshop

Summer instrument workshop weekend July 13th & 14th taught by The Often Herd

Banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin and double bass lessons over 2 days.
Event details and booking are now available via

Yes – those folks just over the border in Scotland have been running a Bluegrass Festival now since 2009. Camping and a number of delightful local venues provide accommodation. In addition to that on their web site you will find a number of gigs often with an international flavour – these guys are doing a great job in promoting Bluegrass! Well now there is an instructional week end with the award winning Often Herd. Plenty of BBMA involvement here – one of our member bands – and event hosted by one of our members, and sponsorship for a number of students from our association. Just take a look at the beautiful countryside around the village – what’s not to like?

Pharis & Jason Romero (Canada)
John Reischman and The Jaybirds  (USA & Canada)
Leon Hunt & Jason Titley (England)
Lunch Special (England)
Blue Summit (USA)
Man About A Horse (USA)
Tim Erikson (USA)

Check out these concerts on the web site – its not that far from the North of England, and really worth supporting!