Grinch Mountain is a bluegrass band, following the tradition of the classic American bands from the 1940s and 50s.Over the past few years, we have played numerous forgettable gigs in sub-standard venues across the country, where audiences have been delighted and disappointed in equal measure with our refusal to play folk, ‘old timey’, swing, jazz, American’t and other unrelated musical genres.

Grinch Mountain are available for concerts, festivals and private functions, either acoustic, or with our own low tech PA system, using one microphone to enhance the period style and save on equipment costs.  We charge a modest fee and inflated expenses.

Band members:

Uncle Philbert: mandolin & lead vocals.

A shadowy figure in the dives and back alleys of leafy Hampstead, Philbert started playing mandolin in a desperate attempt to avoid any form of popularity.  Well-liked by everyone who doesn’t know him, he possesses a razor-sharp wit, but sadly no actual razors, which explains the state of the lower half of his face.

Patty-Jo Longley: fiddle & tenor vocals.

Born in the deep South (Plymouth), PJ was one of the original Famous Five but, unable to count past three, she was forced to leave and pursue a high-flying career in the City.  Once there, it was just a short step from fiddling tax returns to fiddling Bluegrass.

Outlaw Jon Crook: guitar & baritone vocals.

Hailing from the wild, wild East, Jon was born without the webbed feet required for life in the fens.  Regarded as a freak by friends and family alike, he moved South where he took up the guitar as a form of revenge.  He failed at almost every known form of music until finally finding, in Bluegrass, a style that needed all the chords he knows.

Big Dick Eyres: double bass & bass vocals.

After a long career as an airplane parking attendant, Big Dick retired to spend more time with his first love; biscuits.  He can create havoc with almost any type of musical instrument, but prefers the five-string bass, despite having only four fingers.

Gramps Turner: 4½ string banjo & vocal silence.

Forsaking the ancestral gecko farm, Gramps ran away for a life of adventure on the high seas, but ended up serving twenty years in a Venezuelan prison for his part in an international granny-smuggling ring.  It was here that he first learned how to play the banjo, and how to kill a man using only a biro.

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