Brad Wright – BBMA Webmaster

Welcome to the membership page of the BBMA website.  Our preferred means of payment is via direct debit which you can set up by emailing membership@britishbluegrass.org

You can also join via Paypal using the buttons below which will take you to a secure site to enter either your Paypal account details or credit/debit card.

There are two types of membership: Personal and Band.  The benefits of each are explained below along with a table of membership fees.

Personal membership UK and Overseas:

You can take out Personal membership of the BBMA as an Individual or a Family (Up to two co-habiting adults plus children under 18 years). Individual and family memberships receive a copy of the British Bluegrass News every quarter, keeping you up to date and informed with what’s in the British bluegrass world. You will also receive a membership card, which you will need to receive any exclusive offers we hope to bring you. In addition you will be sent BBMA instrument case stickers with your initial membership and subsequent renewals, one for individual members and two for family memberships.

Band Membership UK and Overseas:

In addition to all of the above benefits of individual/family membership, band memberships are sent two copies of the British Bluegrass News to share between the band. Each band member receives their own membership card entitling them to all the benefits of standard membership and a BBMA case sticker for their instrument case. Every band also gets a 1/16th page advert in every edition of the BBN and will be eligible for consideration for any showcases the BBMA may wish to promote. Each band will also have their own page here on the BBMA website, which can contain photographs, sound files, information about the band and their history, plus contact information and links to their own websites.  The fees are slightly higher than UK members to cover postage for the magazine.

BBMA membership subscription fees are:-

Individual (18 years and over) £24.00
Family (Two co-habiting adults plus children under 18 years) £30.00
Overseas Individual (Includes all countries outside the United Kingdom) £30.00
Overseas Family (As GB family but outside the United Kingdom) £36.00
Band Membership(UK) £50.00
Band Membership (overseas) £60.00
If joining as a band please put your band name and members’ names in the “instructions to seller” box.  If your band members change, please contact the Membership Team with details – thank you.

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