We are continuing to be severely affected by the COVID pandemic here in the UK and virtually all over the world. While the air corridors are closed we have to say goodbye (again) to holidays and flights, postponed during the early days. Hard to realise that it is a whole year since this started. Our condolences go out to all who have experienced losses in this awful time. Not being able to say goodbye to loved ones properly is devastating – the only comfort being that we are not alone.

Many of us by virtue of being ‘locked up’ have, however, had more time on our hands and been able to discover a wealth of music, information and tuition on websites and Facebook. I’ve been greatly impressed by the tuition from Midnight Skyracer which must be as good as you’d get anywhere. Makes me want to stop decorating and get the instruments out!

Where the opportunity arises and if you are able, please do consider purchasing CDs and donating to our professional bluegrassers, who are unable to work. There are many people in the same situation, but this is our music and we must continue to support our musicians where we can.

Keep Safe …

BBMA Chair