Now that we are tentatively re-emerging to socialising it is great to see that Battlefield Bluegrass Festival, Purbeck Festival, Clyro Court, Sore Fingers, Sweet Sunny South and Banjo in the Holler are going ahead. Apologies to others which I will have missed here. We wish you all the best of luck and look forward to seeing friends, many of whom we will not have met for two years. I know from my involvement with Didmarton festival the risks which these organisers are taking and the huge amount of extra work they are having to undertake to keep us all safe.

The BBMA has funded three young students for Sore Fingers Summer Schools going ahead in October. We take great pride in our involvement and sponsorship, as usual. We also have sponsored music competitions with prizes at Naseby.

I have been guilty on a personal level of not playing much at all. Yes, we’ve joined in with various musical zoom and recorded events but nothing is quite the same as ‘doing it live’ with newcomers and friends. Also of course we’ve greatly missed the concerts, large and small, which are so difficult to put on even in normal times. I am off to my first session for a very long time next week and greatly looking forward to it, even though we will be in a marquee outside a local pub!

If you can get to any events in your area, do try to support them. It’s been so difficult for everybody so let’s go party …. Carefully of course!

See you somewhere soon I hope.


BBMA Chair