Bluegrass, like most of the live music scene, has been badly affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. We all hope the situation will only be temporary. As this is a quiet time for everyone, it was understandable  that at a recent Committee meeting Dave Teague announced that he was bringing forward his intended retirement as Chairman.  The Committee would like to than Dave for all his hard work on behalf of the Association, particularly in the area of Tour Support. We wish him well in all future endeavours.

Sherryl Payne is now acting chair and has posted the following announcement in the BBMA Facebook group.

Dave Teague’s recent resignation from the Chair, there have been several changes to the committee which has resulted in four out of five elected positions being ‘Acting’ only until an AGM takes place. For this reason and to abide by our Constitution we have decided to hold an AGM this year using Zoom and an electronic method of voting. Details will be in the next magazine out in September. Postal votes and any new nominations will, of course, also be accepted.

Sherryl Payne
Acting Chair

Further details about the proposed AGM can be found at