ragged-unionFrom Boulder, Colorado, USA, and featuring powerful harmony singing, modern songwriting and arrangements, and award-winning instrumental work, Ragged Union has been earning fans on the festival and club circuits nationwide since 2014. Their hard-driving bluegrass is an exciting fusion of instrumental prowess with modern, edgy and bluesy lyrics well outside the usual “Bluegrass Box”. Their shows are a mix of self-penned tunes, standards turned inside out or upside down, and obscure traditional tunes done in a fresh and innovative way.

The band members are:

  • Christina Union (vocal)
  • Geoff Union (guitar, vocal)
  • Jordan Ramsey (mandolin, vocal)
  • Chris Elliott (banjo)
  • Justin Hoffenberg (fiddle)
  • Matt Mefford (upright bass)

“fresh and innovative while preserving through their instruments the things one likes about bluegrass music.” -Ron Thomason, Dry Branch Fire Squad

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